EPS -- Contract Review and Consulting

These services include:

  • Review utility bills for accuracy

  • Analysis and consultation of power system circuits and distribution

  • Negotiate with local utility company for more favorable rates based on usage history
    How long has it been since you reviewed your contract with your electric utility? What does that contract really say?
    Most utility companies do not guarantee that customers will be charged at the most favorable rate and are not responsible for notifying customers of different rates. EPS will work with you to identify the most cost-effective rate schedule under which you should be billed.

  • Review demand portfolio and suggest ways to reduce the demand and minimize the penalties related to maximum usage
    The demand charge can represent the highest portion of an electric bill; it can also be the most confusing element of the power bill because the customer is billed for having the peak demand available for use when needed.
    EPS will work with you to determine what causes this increased demand and whether operation can be modified slightly to reduce peak requirements.

  • Allowing EPS to conduct an audit of your facility utilities bills may reap significant savings for the future and even refunds for past periods.