Energy Management and Audits Services

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  • Audit of purchased power record, insuring optimum rate placement accurate readings and billing calculations
    Due to the volume of invoices that each utility company must generate, it is quite possible that errors have been made. EPS can identify these errors and contact your utility for refund

    Typical mistakes include:

    • Mathematical or computer-related errors
    • Inaccurate utility meters and Multipliers
    • Misapplication of demand and energy Rates
    • Reading errors
    Energy management and building automation systems can give you reliable and comprehensive control of the energy and comfort level in your building

    Service also includes the following:

    • Energy surveys, at competitive pricing, to help analyze actual consumption and provide information to complete annual budgets
    • Comparison of properties within comparable service regions and utility companies
    • Recommendations to improve facility lighting, using state-of-the-art lighting systems, which will reduce the burden on your HVAC system, and decrease energy and demand usage, resulting in lower energy costs

    Inefficient lighting systems waste energy and money. Commercial lighting can represent 25- 40% of operating costs. Analyzing the new technology in lighting design and selecting the most energy efficient lighting systems is the key to getting the best possible return on your lighting investment. Retrofitting your lighting systems or new installations will help reduce your energy costs, also the burden on your HVAC systems which pay back the initial investment and provide substantial long-term returns