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  • At last, a company that will work with you to control your energy costs EPS will help you manage your energy needs by:

    • Analyzing your building's energy consumption, demand and costs
    • Reviewing your utility bills for accuracy
    • Recommending energy management systems to reduce your energy costs
    • Upgrading your lighting systems, thereby reducing the burden on your HVAC systems
    • Negotiating with your local utility company for better rates based on your consumption

    EPS will make your billing process more efficient and less costly by:

    • Performing monthly billings using EPS customized billing software, based on automated reading systems, on-site meter readings, or data provided by management
    • Preparing and mailing individual invoices for each tenant
    • Summarizing all data for management reporting, including metered consumption, dollars and taxes in one, easy-to-read report.
    • EPS will also work with you to procure, install and initiate an automated reading system to make the monthly billing process more efficient and less costly.

    EPS will show you how to use sub metering to increase profits and simplify record-keeping by:

    • Developing a sub metering system to allocate your energy costs between your building’s tenants and common areas
    • Providing reports with all relevant information for each customer, including energy and demand usage
    • If sub metering isn't an option, our energy surveys can give you the data you need to allocate energy costs appropriately

      EPS will prepare you for the future by:
      • Analyzing how new deregulation laws and rate changes will affect your energy systems and costs
      • Keeping track of trends in the energy marketplace
      • Helping you get the most from your energy dollars both now and in the future

      EPS will provide your business with additional services so you can control your energy effectively by:
      • Tracking and analysis of energy consumption, demand and related costs
      • Annual budget projections and periodic review of year-to-date performance
      • Analysis of impact of rate changes on budget projections Recommend energy management systems replacement