EPS -- Electric Monthly Billing Services

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Monthly Billing Services include:

  • Proprietary billing software and customized reports
  • Monthly reconciliation of charges
  • Onsite meter readings or automated meter readings
  • Identify potential line losses
  • Accurate, error-free statements
  • Five to seven business days turnaround
  • Optional access 24/7 to your data on our website
  • Competitive pricing

Business decisions should be based on accurate and meaningful data. EPS can provide you with information that is economically beneficial and helpful in your general accounting practices. Time and time again we find internally managed programs to be costly to manage and unprofitable. Something as simple as a one-time mistake in meter reading can be carried over indefinitely and add up to many thousands of dollars over the course of several years. Your personnel are not trained at the intricacies of resale and familiar with utility rate structures and tenant utility billing.

With EPS customized billing software, the monthly utility billing process becomes fast and simple. EPS software features include:

  • Residential, commercial or industrial billing capabilities, multiple properties in one database
  • Individual energy statements for each tenant, select from either postcard or letter size
  • Easy-to-read summary statement for management reporting
  • Customized annual reports available
  • Report detailing all customer utility usage and costs, right down to the taxes
  • Tax summaries for each property