EPS -- Gas Data Extract

EPS can provide an extract file from your billing data that you can then upload to whatever process you desire. This extract can be imported into Excel, Access or a variety of your current processes. This upload file can be emailed to you monthly and can be either tab or comma delimitted. You can chose any order of fields from this list

  • Your property name
  • Space Number
  • Tenant Last name, First name, or a combination
  • Account Number
  • Customer ID (assigned by the customer)
  • Meter ID
  • Previous Reading Date
  • Previous Reading
  • Current Reading Date
  • Current Reading Usage
  • Usage Multiplier
  • Usage (CCF)
  • Units (Therms)
  • Period Charge
  • Usage Charge
  • Surcharge
  • Environment Surcharge
  • Tax 1
  • Tax 2
  • Tax 3
  • Total Billed Amount
  • Average $ per Therm
  • Multiple Meter Indicator
  • Miscellaneous Charge (could be debit or credit)
  • Miscellaneous Charge Description
  • Square Feet (assuming this was collected)
  • 2 Fixed Fields containing whatever you require
You can select up to 25 extract items for use within your internal systems.

The file format will contain a single line heading with titles for each column of data adjustable to meet your needs (or you can use the standard names if so desired).